This listing is for one custom Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Website Banner. 


After full payment is made, you will receive an email about what you would like to include on the banner/cover. Be sure to send your logo, photos, and any other information (website, FB, IG, etc) that you want to be included. 

2. Color Scheme (if you have a preference)
3. Theme (Girly, Modern, Bold, Glamours, Gaming, etc)
4. Contact Information (Website, Email, Phone, Social Media Handles, etc.)
5. Anything else you want to include

After I’ve received all the above information, I’ll design your banner/cover. If you would like images or logo on the banner, send them to


Logo design is NOT INCLUDED with this order.  You can order a custom logo separately. 


• There is a THREE revision limit only. After that, a fee is required per additional revision of $5.

• All designs are made in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop (High Quality) depending on what needs to be done and the finalized design will include PNG and PDF files. 

Social Media Banner

Design Option
  • The design turnaround time is at the most, 14 business days. This may increase or decrease during peak, busy, or slower seasons. This timeframe is due to the others that were placed before you. 


    Rush Orders will take 5 business days.


    All orders begin on the FOLLOWING business day, no exceptions.


    Drafts may be sent out on holidays and weekends, but they are not included in the timeframes above.