This listing is for a FRONT FACING portrait illustration in OUR SIGNATURE STYLE. No, we cannot duplicate or mimic other artists' styles. We will try to achieve the perfect balance between your reference photo and our signature style. There are two types of portrait illustrations we offer personal use and commercial use. 


  • PERSONAL USE:  Anything that isn't business-related and will not be used to make money off of is considered personal use. Personal use portraits can be used for wall decor, screensavers, profile pictures, gifts for loved ones, etc. 
  • COMMERCIAL USE: Purchasing the full rights to use this image to profit off them. Commercial use portraits can be used on merchandise, packaging, business cards, etc. 



  1. Once you have placed an order, an email will be sent to the email you provided when checking out. Please answer the questions and also provide all necessary reference photos when replying back to the email. 
  2. We will ask for reference pictures and we will discuss every detail about the portrait. You can also send references for clothing, makeup, hair, and jewelry if desired!
  3. We will first draft up a sketch and send it to you. At this time you can ask for up to 3 changes. Once the sketch is approved and we will move on to adding color. We will no longer modify anything else from the sketch, just the color.
  4. You'll receive the final file in JPG or PNG. Size: 2250 x 2250 px - 300 dpi.

Portrait Illustration

Use Type
  • The design turnaround time is at the most up to 7 to 14 business days, not incluing weekends. This may increase or decrease during peak, busy, or slower seasons. This timeframe is due to the others that were placed before you.

    All orders begin on the FOLLOWING business day, no exceptions.

    Drafts may be sent out on holidays and weekends, but they are not included in the timeframes above